Error using properties with '.flag' file in player

When I right click on a (music) flac file in playout system i got an error. It looks like ‘.mp3’ do not show this behaviour. (send bug report when plaout was hanging.)


These are the steps I took. (screenshots from 6.3.x version)

  1. Go to song in playout system

  2. Right click on song

  3. Change something in ‘attibutes or someting else’ and playout is hanging.

The bassflac.dll is already integrated in mAirList?

found the dll file in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 7\plugins\bass\bassflac.dll’. It is the only file in that folder.

Okay, good. Thank you.

Enjoy your free :sunglasses::sun_with_face: day.

Do you have an update for me about this bug?I cannot use the software till this bug is solved because the whole player is hanging and can only be ‘killed’ with Task manager from Windows.


So, today i could work with some flac files in the database. But after some changes it happens again. Any news on this problem or a solution would be like you read my post and there will be hope for the future. :woozy_face:

No idea at the moment. I will discuss it with Torben next week when he is back in the office (but not on Monday 9 a.m.).

Thanks. Let me know if you need a sample file or logfiles from me.