Error on Starting: No database playlist found


I have been playing with the features of mAirList, including adding and removing databases. I have no action enabled to load a database playlist, but each time I open mAirList, I receive an error that the program couldn’t find the database playlist. There is possibly a cache somewhere that I can’t locate? I can click past the error and get into the program.



Please state the version and build of mAirList you are using, and what if anything is shown in the Databases tab in config currently. Might you have deleted a database file WITHOUT removing it from Config as well?

Also please note that nice Bugs - mAirList 3.1 forum nearby >cough<.



It is 3.1.0, build 724. No, even if I remove the entire database from config, I still get the message. I should note that I did originally schedule an event to load the database, but later deleted it, if that has any relevance to this problem. Here is the message:

6/22/2010 5:17:46 PM Error Error executing action Load database playlist: Unknown database: mAirListDB:204F29A70F1D196B4A7D707F91C898CF

Note that this database ID is NOT the one I am currently using. I believe it is the old database that I deleted. By-the-way, I deleted the database through Config. Perhaps a faulty deletion on my part?

Regarding where this message should be located, should I cut-and-paste this info into the “Bugs” forum?

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The old database is definitely still referenced in the config somewhere. Have you checked “Actions on Startup”?

Generally, mAirList stores the ID of the database along with any of he database actions, so if you have multiple databases set up, it will know which one to load the playlist from. If you delete and recreate the database, you need to “touch” the actions (edit and save again) in order to update the ID.

Torben and Cad-

That was it. I found an old “Load database playlist” under “actions”, the dropbox “after startup.”
I deleted it, saved, and then added a new command. Works great now!

Thanks again,

Regard, Alec