Error mysql database

Dear Mairlist!

This error code by mairlist database login. Why is that? Could you help someone?

Thanks Josef

Try to set host name in mAirList to the IP-Address of your database server without „http://“. Also make sure that your internal firewalls allow traffic on ports 3006/3007 (depending on the mySQL version).

Early regards


Dear Tondose!
I would like to ask for help. How to do this. :slight_smile:


Hi Josef,

you did quite rightly by posting in this forum. As it is essential for the support for all the non-commercial users, we do not offer individual assistance here.

Nevertheless, it would be helpful to know about your infrastructure – is your Database located on a NAS, if so, of which brand, which Versions of mySQL and mAirList do apply, how is the architecture of your intranet like, and so forth.

Investigating regards


And please put your license number into your forum profile so that we can verify you as a legal user. Thanks.

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