ERROR: index row size xxxx exceeds maximum 2712 for index "item_attributes_namevalue"


I am using mAirListDB on a network with PostgreSQL 11.6-1. When importing new elements, some are not added to the database and cause an error.

ERROR index row size PostgreSQL
Is this related to the version of PostgreSQL?

Apparently there is a very long attribute name or value imported from the FLAC tag.

Can you please upload one of these files to so we can have a look?

I think these are the tags from Serato (DJ software). How can I prevent them from being imported into mAirListDB?

You can’t, but maybe I can. Please send us one of these files.

Did you receive the file?

Yes, thank you.
I’m gonna test it.

Especially SERATO_MARKERS_V2 and SERATO_OVERVIEW. :roll_eyes:

So we think about filtering all attributes starting with SERATO while importing these files.
Is that okay with you?

Okay !

I know that it is possible to re-read tags of an imported file (Properties, Attributes, Export; Re-read File Tag…). How can I do this on multiple files at the same time?

Please try Build 4174 of v6.2.7:

[*] File import: SERATO_* tags ignored when importing Vorbis comments

v6.3-beta will follow.

Do you know what is stored in SERATO_MARKERS_V2?
Maybe there is some information we can import in mAirList?

Please mark these files and use mass-tagging > re-read file tag.

Build 4174 of v6.2.7 works great!

SERATO_MARKERS_V2 contains the song cue points, it would be perfect if we could use them for mAirList, but I doubt they can be read outside of Serato.

Thank you for your efficiency !

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