Error creating mAirList instance : BASS_ini (2,44100)

Hi Torben,
I am having the same problem as radioman37 in the general forum
Starting either mAirlist or mAirlist config results in the error message
“Error creating mAirList instance : BASS_ini (2,44100): can’t find a free sound driver (BASS error 3)”

I tried copying the devices.ini across from 2.2 (which works fine), but to the same effect.
I am using a laptop with in-built Realtek ALC880 audio (so no ASIO drivers)

UPDATE: I tried replacing my BASS files with the ones that come with v2.2, which creates this error message on startup instead:
“The procedure entry point BASS_ChannelSlideAttribute could not be located in the dynamic link library bass.dll”
I guess this means you’re using a new version of BASS that has incompatible API calls to the one used in v2.2?


mAirList 2.2 uses BASS 2.3, while mAirList 3.0 uses BASS 2.4, which is the most recent version of BASS. The APIs are incompatible with each other, so you cannot swap the DLLs.

Do you have more than one soundcard? Or only the built-in one? When you go into the sound card config in mAirList 2.2, how many devices are there in the drop-down list?

Hi Torben,
I had a look and found a couple of drivers from a bluetooth USB stick in mAirlist 2.2’s dropdown list:
AVM Bluetooth Stereo Driver and AVM Bluetooth Audio Driver.
Since I only use that stick when I visit my parents in Germany, I uninstalled the stick and drivers,
and voila: version 3 started up like a charm ;D
Vielen Dank,

Cheers, Alex. Well investigated.

I will modify mAirList such that devices which fail to initialize will just be ignored.