Error connecting to Database


In my log file i’ve got many errors like this one do you know what?

Error connecting to Database: Access violation at address 7C921760 in module ‘ntdll.dll’. Read of address 01007265

mAirList 3.1.7 on Windows XP

Thanks :slight_smile:

Networked or local?

The error message is not much worth unless I see the complete call stack. From the playout window, you probably only see the message in the system log. But when you run the database management app, the error message might be displayed in a window with a Details button. If so, please send the bug report from there.

Network (on private network 192.x.x.x)

From the playout window. But i’ve log it in a txt file with all events. And i’ve got many times this error.

On mAirList Config i configure it to save all event in txt file on desktop :wink:

postgresql-7 or postgresq-8 protocol?

(I mean the DLL version, not the server version - the server should aways be 8.3 or later, but it will work with the 7.x DLL, even better than with the newer DLLs.)

libpq81.dll ( this one is used for the connection.

But i’ve got in the same folder : libpq74.dll ( (not used)

If i try the current snapshot does it correct database connection or not at all ? :wink:

I see on the changelog many things about DB :wink:

Try using libpy74.dll (by setting the protocol to postgresql-7 in the config). It should be more stable.

As you can see in the changelog, there are a couple of changes related to mAirListDB, but non of them deals with broken connections.

ok mAirList crash this morning at 7h30.

I change the exe file by the last built (last snapshot) and the connection to database 8 to 7 i’ll tell you if it’s better :wink: