Engineering/Technical Team- How do you keep them busy?

Hi- Not exactly to do with mAirList, but there isn’t an “off topic” forum…

So…at a Uni Radio station or alike…how do you keep your technical teams busy?

The reality is, bar the occassionaly rare glitch or problem with the desk or any equipment, there isn’t a lot to do on the engineering front of things. Maybe some stations have small projects carrying on to improve on the station as budgets become greater etc, but these are finished within a few weeks…

Does anyone else have a similar situation of how to keep your teams busy? Do you even have a technical team for that matter or are you the one and only engineer?

What do you think? Suggestions and what you do with your team to keep them busy…

Discuss away.

Thanks, Ryan.

Typically, the engineers have been called to assist with many vital tasks ensuring the swift day-to-day running of a radio station…

Replacement of lightbulbs (cos there’s mains up there)
Replacement of fax-rolls (cos it beeps and has flashing lights)
Repair of smelly fridge - removed stale milk
Changing the bin-bags

Seriously, these tasks were all expected of engineers by the “other” station staff. There’s always the computer side of things - installing systems, networking and what/not.

Haha! Really!?..Crazy!

In all honesty…a good OB every now and again is bound to keep people on their toes…what has to be your most complex OB you’ve ever done?