EndMon and waveform

Hello !

Maybe I miss a configuration parameter but it seems not…

I use mairlistDB and I’m currently setting my ramp, hook and startnext cue points. When I click “endmond” to listen the end of file, I have to scroll to the end of the file to follow the bar and to see where it is in order to be able to point the cue point. Does it exist a way to make the waveform following the playback bar ? I would be handy for avoiding to manually scroll.
I thought that an option would exist in the configuration and I hope that “live update” would be this one. But not at all (what is the purpose of “live update” ?).

If you have any tricks, I’ll be please to know it :slight_smile:



Hi Sylvain,

a well-known flaw which I had complained about before. Crap for serious working: zoom out, scroll, zoom in, zoom out again to regain the cursor, zoom in, scroll, mark. By any reasons a low-priority issue.

Regards, TSD

Hello !

Thank you for your reply.
As a developer, I understand very well that some requests or topics could be qualify as non-priority requests against all other more valuated topics…

Moreover, when you import one-by-one, it’s no big deal to have to scroll. But when you import hundreds of tracks at the very beginning, tagging workflow is time-consuming…

Ok, so I will keep zooming, pointing, scrolling, setting and restarting again :upside_down_face: