End of hour problem

Whenever we’re in automation the final song of every hour is being cut as the next hour of program begins. We’ve noticed that Mairlist is generating slightly more than 60 minutes of program items which means the last item won’t fit. Is there a way of getting the hourly generation closer to the 60 minute mark and also is there a way of instructing the next hour to do soft start (in other words not commence until the last item has ended)?

The scheduler cannot pick exactly 60 minutes of music, it will only pick at least 60 minutes of music. Would be to complex to find a “perfectly matching” set of songs. (Not even the expensive schedulers like MusicMaster etc. can do it.)

For soft start, change the timing of the “Start of hour” and “End of hour” markers from Hard to Soft in the hour template. Also make sure you use “Append database playlist as your hourly action”, not “load and play”.