encoder setting observation

I was trying to get mairlist encoder to report the number of listeners from our icecast server, but it (the server) kept reporting a socket error.
This is an example of the original setting, (which reports the error) and is from user manual:-
Server URL is the URL of the external Icecast2 audio stream server.
For example: http://myshout.com:8000

By omitting the http:// part the server now reports the listeners.

I hope this may be of use to others. If it has been reported elsewhere, kindly ignore this post.


Allan: thanks for pointing this out!

Please tell me the section number and/or page number where this appears, and I’ll correct the manual. I confess I don’t use streaming, so I rely on those who do use streaming to tell me about any mistakes so that I can correct them!

Oh: do please note the manual is currently for v3 and not v4, so some things will not be exactly the same as in the manual (e.g. File Tagger is now Cue Editor, no mention of Mix Editor, etc.). As and when I have time, I’ll start work on updating the manual for v4.


Hi Cad

It’s page 65 section 7.8.7 Icecast2
The server URL

If you enter the http:// it will quite happily stream the service, but does not allow listener count from our Icecast server.
By missing the http:// out it does both.
For reference our server is icecast.commedia.org.uk
edit…this applies to the mairlist internal encoder

I, like many other users, are indebted to you for providing the manual.
Enjoy the extended bank holiday, from a very very wet Leicestershire