Encoder Audio Routing


So basically, I have the “LINE IN” on the encoder as my mixer, however during standard output, I want to use my mixer for other things, so is there a way so that when I turn “LINE IN” off, all mAirList audio output will go straight to the encoders?

I want the LINE IN there so that I can use the mixing desk as well.

Can anyone shed any light on how this can be done?



Isnt it only to put your Mixer Output to your Mairlist “Line in” and forword every music in mairlist to Encoder?

Thats the way i have :slight_smile:

Just set all player outputs to “Encoder”, and the audio will be routed directly into the encoder, and the mixer is out of the routing.

In v5.1, you can load/save presets in the Audio Devices config tab in mAirList Control Panel. In older versions, you must adjust it manually, or use a script (somewhat difficult).

patrikmr, Yes but I want to be able to fade the songs down during the in & out ramps, and have my speech on it too, but then switch back to encoder only?

I know everything would be best achieved using Prefades on my mixer to do my other work, but my mixer doesn’t have PFL on it, so unless I invest in a new desk, is there any way I could achieve what I want to do?

Fade function is in mairlist encoder (so musik goes down when your talking)

Otherwise i think Torben had a great solution in V5.1 but i dont know (the other way around is to always feed music out from mairlist - into the mixer - then back into mairlist to controll it that way.

The minus with that config is to always have your mixingdesk on.