Ember protocol

Would there be a chance to implement the Ember ( not plus ) remote control protocol?
I’m running a studer 1500 who is running it.

Wiki says, please use SAS. :thinking:

No Licence for SAS/ProBel , just Ember. :unamused:

What is the “Ember (not plus)” protocol anyway?


The Ember Protocol.

What’s described here is actually Ember+.

Supported in mAirList Advanced Plus and Professional.

Problem is that i cannot connect, i have the 5.3 server version, that’s why I assumed that this was the “old” version of Ember. It should be multi user, and i do have an other automation listening to it which is working fine. I am susing same port ( 7600 ) , and not getting the XML tree, nor anny code. Studer 1500 has Ember and ProBel on board but can only be activated by licences, where probel is 3000 + eur as Ember is around 2000 eur, ridicilous in price, so the choice there would be Ember ;-( .

Ember+ is Ember (tranport) + Glow (data types), and their document also mentions Glow, so my first impression was that this is actually Ember+ what they are doing.

Maybe I’m mistaken and they are only using Glow (thus, Ember+) for some parts, and the low level Ember transport with their own data types for other parts.

Anyway, I have no plans to implement this, sorry.