Elke 8 uur The Beatles gevolgd door de Stones

Hi, het lijkt dat mAirlist een voorkeur heeft voor The Beatles en The Rolling Stones. Goeie smaak, dat wel! Iedere 8 uur steevast een track van beide bands. Het enige wat ik in de playlistconfigurator heb aangegeven is dat ik minimaal 8 uur wil tussen het draaien van dezelfde artiest.

When you enable the debug log in the scheduler settings, you will be able to see why one song was preferred over another.

I think I found the logfile… Where can I find that specific info? I mail it to you.

It’s called MiniSchedulerLog-<date/time>.txt. The scheduler will open it for you once ready.

It is generally very big, too big for e-mail. You can upload it here instead: Nextcloud

Obviously, we cannot read the entire log and look for “strange” things. What we need to help you is the following information:

  • The songs (and/or their IDs) that you think were “mistakenly” scheduled.
  • The day/hour where it happened.

I’m sorry Torben. Feeling stupid… I can’t find any file on my system with “minischeduler” in the filename. Here I find logflies: C:\ProgramData\mAirList\7.x\Log. The files here are between 100 and 700kB with an exception of 8MB.

Do you run the scheduler manually from the DB app? Look for the checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog, there is one about creating the log.


Thx, found it. It looks different on my system… Confusing. I checked the box.

EDIT: I uploaded a file.

Open the file and look for these lines:

000454  Loading folder "Verantwoord (overdag)" (11), recursive=False
001641  Items in this folder:
001641  11660       Telefone                                  Last use: never
001641  11436       Your Mother Should Know                   Last use: 2022-09-25 08:00
001641  632         Baby's In Black                           Last use: 2022-09-25 16:00
001641  7490        Paperback Writer                          Last use: 2022-10-07 08:00
001641  2097        Dizzy Miss Lizzy                          Last use: 2022-10-07 16:00
001641  11631       I've Got A Feeling                        Last use: 2022-10-08 01:00

This is a list of all songs in the folder, sorted by date of last play (oldest to newest).

The scheduler will prefer those songs that haven’t been played in a long time. For some reason, it appears that this the case for a lot of Beatles songs. Any idea why? Have you only (re-)added them to the folder lately?

Thx for your research! I’ve added 99% of the songs in one time/batch in May this year. An explanation can be that there are loads of Beatles songs in my playlist… What I think is curious is that Beatles often are followed by a Stones song. Beatles and Stones, you know that that is a bit sensitive😊