Eevent editor

Hi there,

This might be a strange question… But I wonder if it is possible somehow…
Is there a way to open the event scheduler except by the button in the toolbar?
It would be nice to hide the button there, because edditing the events isn’t used often, they are mostly automated and not often neccesairy to go there.
so i would like to hide them from the toolbar, but still want to reach them somehow without closing the playout software, make changes and open again…
Maybe anyone knows how to open it in another way…
also it prevents people who doesn’t have to go there to make any changes.

many thanks

BTW I have tried to change the title, but that gives an error haha

Yes, it is. Simply click on the time of the next event (see screenshot, red arrow). :wink:

Please use skin.ini.

You can also hide the individual buttons in the toolbar (and the separators between them) by setting any of the following values to off.


Your skin.ini should have a section like this:


So your mAirList will look like this:

However, it won’t prevent them from clicking on the event time to open the Event Scheduler.

That would be a solution… but :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have removed that aswell. In my setup the time to next event (TOTH) is in a seperate countdown to make it more intergrated in the style of my setup.
So unfortunattely it isn’t really possible for me that way. :frowning:

is there any other way to get there? or should i keep the event button on the toolbar?
here is a screen shot wich gives a part of my playout screen: screenshot event editor

Id love to have a different skin but in my skin.ini is nothing atall and im not that tech savy to create one is there any skin ini’s around ?