Editing Container Contents

We have a feature called “Randomizer” in which we have about 8 or so songs compiled as a HookContainer and played via a Cartwall button. The idea being that a listener is played them and then shouts out “yes” or “no” at each one… The one they choose is then played. Problem we have is that we right-click the Cartwall button and select “Properties”, items in the Container tab can be highlighed and deleted - the duration of the button reduces, but the files are still played.

We remove the song and one of the sweepers after each request and the choice of songs reduces accordingly 8)

The changes will only be applied when you reload the player. I’ll explain the reason later - need to leave for my mother’s birthday party now :wink:

I propose you keep the item temporarily in the playlist, make the changes there, and drag it into the cart player after each round.

OK, thanks for that. Keeping the original Container in the Playlist is do-able, but not ideal :-\