Easy question

This is an easy question with, I’m sure, an easy answer.

How do you upgrade the mAirlist version you’re running?

I’m using 3.0.13 PE and wanted to upgrade to 3.0.15 PE.

I’ve downloaded the installer, but I’m wondering whether it is as simple as installing it over the current installation and if so, what would happen with all my settings?

Thanks :wink:

With in the same release (v3.0.x), you can just install over the old version. Only the binary files will be updated, your configuration and settings will be preserved.

mAirList 3.1.x (soon to be released) will install into a separate folder. You can transfer your settings by copying all files from the v3.0 “data folder” (exact location is display in the config app) to the v3.1 “data folder”.

Great! Thanks, Torben! (I’d never done it before, so I just wanted to make sure… ;))