Durations in logging

This one has bothered me for a while now!

Not a bug as such, but %e returns broadcast duration in seconds and decimals. And this works well.

BUT the decimal has up to fifteen (!) places, which is clearly spurious accuracy from a non-rounded floating point variable. The (in)famous mAirList Time Unit is one ten-millionth of a second, which if my artihmetic is correct, means seven decimal places after conversion to seconds.

Would it be possible to round (or even just truncate) the value returned by %e to seven places after the decimal point, before writing the value to the log file?

Thanks in advance.


What about three decimal places, that is, seconds and milliseconds? That should be enough anyway.

I only suggested seven places for consistency with ‘mAirList Time Units’ … :wink:

Three places would be fine, and I know why you suggested it, too! :smiley:

Thanks again.