Dummies Guide to Voicetracks..

I apologise if this has been asked before but searching seems to imply I need a script…

I’m evaluating mAirlist following some great reviews (currently Station Playlist) and notice that Voicetracking doesn’t seem to be obvious, in that it would ramp down the intro and then ramp it back at the relevant cue point. SPL does make it incredibly easy but not sure if I’m missing something obvious.

Any guides/pointers would be of great assistance.

Many thanks, Richard

Have look at this:

Generally, it must be noted that there is no explicit voice tracking support in mAirList currently, but it is planned as one of the major new features for a future release.

At the moment, you can still achieve voice-tracking-like results by adjusting the Start Next etc. markers of the items in your playlist. The IVP script Cad wrote will assist you with that.

The only thing which my IVP (Intelligent Voicetrack Processor) script does NOT do is any level changes.
If your voicetracks are all recorded about 4dB or 6dB ‘louder’ than your music tracks, that should not be
a problem.

The other ‘workaround’ is:

  1. Set one of your Players (use Config) to only load items marked as ‘special.’
  2. In the Item Properties of each voicetrack item, mark it as ‘special.’
  3. Make sure that no other items (like music tracks, jingles, etc.) are marked as ‘special.’
  4. Run the IVP script (after loading and ‘marking up’ the Playlist as mentioned in the IVP instructions).

Note that you will need at least three Players for all this to work correctly (one which you just ‘dedicated’ to playing ONLY voicetracks, and two others for music tracks).

Now, on the desk, make sure the channel for the voicetraks is set higher than the music player channels, leave all the faders open, then hit AUTO and START AUTOMATION.

If we can be of any further help, please just ask. Glad you like mAirList, and welcome to the Forums!


Many thanks. I did download CAD’s IVP and look at the pdf last night. It makes sense. I plan to use mAirlist as a live-assist when I record my shows. SPL does great but I just need a little more flexibility for live assist. I do like the multiple players! (I have a 1010LT card which I know is a minefield but I’ll work that out!)

Now, I think I’m working this out, but here’s a couple more Questions.

  1. Most of the show I can start a group of tracks manually, but I will want it to “semi-automate”, so the jingle will play followed by two tracks etc. Do I run those in AUTO and place commands to revert back to live assist etc, like break commands.? I’m sorry these are basic, and I have no doubt I’ll work it out.

  2. Say I use 2 players for the playlist, then can I use the same keystroke (i.e. Numeric keypad ENTER) to start the next player when 1 is already playing, or do I need a seperate key command for each player. (I’ve found those in the config–>remote control, and thanks for making Global available).

I’m making good use of the Wiki as well. Any written pdf’s or helpfiles available?

Thanks, Richard

Hi Rich,

Have a look at the ‘Link’ column in the playlist. That does exactly what you described under 1.

As for the alternate start of the players with the same key I believe this could be done via scripting.
I only use notification scripts, so I’m not aware about how to launch a script via a keystroke.
CurrentPlaybackControl.GetPlayer(n).GetState should return the playerstatus.
A simple if then would then do what is required.



To have a ‘next’ key, you CAN do that as a Remote Control key, but not with the ENTER key for variousl dull reasons to do with Windows.

Here’s what to do in Config:

  1. Click Remote Control in the tree.
  2. Click Add…, Hotkeys.
  3. In the dialog, click in the Key: box, then press the key you want to use.
    I’d suggest the numeric keypad + key. :wink:
    The name of the key you press (like CTRL + ALT + F1, or SHIFT + Z,
    or in this case NUM PLUS) will show up in the Key: box.
  4. Click the Add button to add the key to the Hotkeys list.
  5. Drop down the box in the list beside NUM PLUS.
    Select AUTOMATION 1 ON (it’s in there somewhere, trust me!).
  6. Now edit the text in the dropdown (oh yes, you can!) so that it reads like this:
  7. Click OK, then click Save to save your changes and exit Config.

As you see, yes you can have multiple commands on the one key. So, what we’ve done is make the plus key on the numeric pad put mAirList into Auto mode, then ‘click NEXT’ (which starts the ‘next’ item), then go back to Assist mode again. Not bad for just one key! :wink: Just remember: use semicolons to separate the commands, and no spaces either side of the semicolons.

This will now do what you want and you can check it out by starting mAirList and marvelling at your own cleverness. 8)

One final point you may not have realised: your new ‘play NEXT’ key will NOT stop any Players which are already running. If that’s not what you want, then it’s a doddle to amend your key’s string of commands to stop (or rather, FADEOUT) all running Players before doing its ‘play NEXT’ thing.

I hope the above helps? ;D

PS: I know Torben is working on documentation right now, so for the moment it’s Wiki, or ask in here (don’t worry, everyone in here is pleasant, and we’ve all asked ‘daft’ questions here at one time or another).



(a bit OT, I know)

coming back to launching a script via a hotkey for some advanced control functions. Do you know what is the procedure for assigning a hotkey to a script?


To both CAD and Serge,

Many thanks, the link was obvious when you guided me there :slight_smile: and to CAD for that scripting thought.

I’ve now gone and purchased it, so here we go.

Again, thanks. Richard

Assign the command "RUNSCRIPT " (you have to type it, it’s not in the list).