Dumb Upgrade questions

I’ve not been around on the forum for quite a while - basically because we’ve been really pleased with mAirlist and so did not want to change anything. However I see that the world continues to move on, so I wonder if it is worth us upgrading (currently V 2.1.44) and how difficult that would be. So a couple of questions which might be pretty dumb:

1/ Are the new V3 versions available to non-profit making organisations like us? I’m particularly interested in looking at the database functionality, because we find the “on the fly” database on our version too slow when starting the software (full scan takes 30-40minutes). The website tends to indicate we’d have to buy the professional version and money is tight for our voluntary organisation!

2/ We run a simple “live assist” layout that I designed with a lot of help from this forum. Here: http://forum.mairlist.com/index.php/topic,2853.0.html. Would this run on V3 OK - would it just be a matter of cutting and pasting config files, or something more?

Thanks, Glyn

Definitely YES!

Not enormously difficult IMHO.

You would need to check with Torben, but I believe that is the case, yes.

Indeed. The database is worth having, and once you’ve loaded it: job done. It will import the info. in your MMD files, so no re-scanning required. :slight_smile: Personally, I also keep my MMD files, so that just in case anything ever happens with the database, I have a sort of backup which will reduce the time needed for a rebuild. I also (still!) save an MMD for a new file as well as writing it to the database, and though I know that Torben reckons MMDs are redundant once you build a database, personally I think one can never have too many backups (and yes, I do backup the database as well!).

I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago … :wink:

Basically, yes it would. There are a few minor changes in V3, and some settings have moved from mairlist.ini to skin.ini and so forth, but they’re generally fairly identical. What I’d recommend is to make a backup of your current mAirList data folders, then download a copy of V3, install it into a different folder (the setup should do this automatically, but take care!) and install a (free) Professional Demo licence into it. That will let you run it for a while, and allow you to test your layout files and work out what would need to be changed. Any problems, ask here in the Forum and we can sort it out for you. The Pro Demo licence will also let you try out the database. Meantime, you’ll find info. on how to set up a database in the Wiki. It’s pretty easy. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps, and I’m sure the good Doktor will correct anything I’ve said which is incorrect. :smiley:


Available: Yes. Free: No.

If you have a very low budget, don’t hesitate get in touch with me by e-mail, and I’ll check if I can offer you a discount. I will need a little information about your organization and the way it is funded.