Download file using day variable


Before i screw things up with a frienda Mairlist5 i would like to know a nice way to do this.

Every day he will be (automatic via mairlist downloading a file) however this file is generated in a day number. What im asking for is like in (php script you can set date(“z”) to echo out number of day in a year it is.

Could this be done in (downloading) within mairlist for example

Mairlist will then read the variable and output for example

if this is possible we would find this handy.


I would not consider using the playoutsystem to perform such tasks, but a dedicated PC on the network doing this.
Usually the files for the playoutsystem do not reside on its PC, but are stored on a network server.

If your file contains a datecode like yyyymmddhh or whatever, consider using our HTTP-downloader that can be found in our software section of the webpage. The downloader is simply fired via scheduled task manager.


I recently checked what kind of a file it is and Its a file hosted at a FTP with restrictions.

So i need something that can access a FTP server (username/Password) and if it can handle %20(spaces) links it would be great because for some reason the showhost have it at a folder with blank spaces.

Does http downloader work for FTP too?

Maybe you can try FTPVoyager ( you can schedule download and if the download is completed, you can schedule other tasks like copying or renaming the downloaded files.