Don't see TAB users in mairlistDB (mairlist 7)


I have Mairlist 6.3.24 advance server that one is working fine, however, I want to upgrade to Mairlist 7. But before I do that I want to make my server ready. So I downloaded 7, installed it, and activated the test license. The config from 6.3 is imported and (almost) all the settings are working.

Now I have the problem when I start de MairlistDB server I can’t add or remove any users because there is no TAB user. I see the following tabs

(I have the language in dutch)

Is this because it’s a demo version, or do I have to do something in the config of Mairlist.

I hope you can help me with this.


Hi, the option has been moved to the main Database App.

Changelog for 7.0:

[+] DB: Built-in user and group management for local and SQL databases;
no longer uses SQL roles for user management. Default login is the “admin”
user with password “admin” which can be changed in the database connection
properties. Additional users/groups are managed from the DB app →
Administration menu. DBServer application does not have a user database
of its own anymore but uses the one from the database.

Hello Stefan,

Thanks for your answer, I have found it.
Maybe it’s an idea to update the wiki page to Mairlist 7


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Hi, they are on it and made a good progress :sunglasses:

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