Does the Mix Editor remember?


I’m wondering, does the mix editor remember mix positions, and use them next time the songs are in the same order?

I’m hoping not, as I’m wondering if I can use the mix editor to voice track pre-recorded VO’s.

The Voice Tracking is great in mAirList, but doesn’t allow you to use a pre-recorded audio file. I’m trying to add a little more processing to my vocals via Adobe Audition, but not sure if mAirList picks up the changes to the audio file if I edit them after Voice Tracking recording.

Thinking I might get the German manual translated, as it seems to have more info on Mix Editor and Voice Tracking than the older English manual.

I don’t believe so, it just pops the timing points into the playlist (so saved with the desktop etc.).

Oh righty, so saved for the duration of that playlist then. Cool, that helps.

This means I can do some standard/generic VO’s for the automation, and record and process them in Audition. Handy as I have fine tuned effect racks setup, to give me the best end result.

Unless Torben has anything to add, I’ll call that one answered.