DJ mixes and Cue Editor in Database

First of all, i love the Cue Editor and the option the software has!
I work this way for the DJ mixes.

  1. I import the dj mix from 1 hour
  2. Get a text document from them with the songs like this:

  1. Kormak - Keep On
  2. Andy Faisca - Don’t You Help (Original Mix)
  3. Javi Bora, Huxley - You’re Everything (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
  4. Luna City Express, Roland Clark - The Soul of a Dj Feat. Roland Clark (Original Mix)

  1. I make a Que sheet with the songs like this (the time is an gues, because they don’t put it in the text file:

FILE “the_lords_the_house_of_lords_09_192.mp3” WAVE
TITLE “Keep On”
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE “Don’t You Help (Original Mix)”
PERFORMER “Andy Faisca”
INDEX 01 04:28:00
TITLE “You’re Everything (Chus & Ceballos Remix)”
PERFORMER “Javi Bora, Huxley”
INDEX 01 8:56:00
TITLE “The Soul of a Dj Feat. Roland Clark (Original Mix)”
PERFORMER " Luna City Express, Roland Clark"
INDEX 01 13:37:00

  1. I go to Cue Editor to find the right start en stop points of the songs

Now the the requests for change:
Is it possible to make the Track Marker visible by an right click on the wave form and then make it possible to just have to type the artist & title?
(so click and place the grey point on the right spot and then click right and just have to fill in the artist and title, so i don’t have to make an que sheet)

Thank you for all the support and making good radio happen. :star_struck:


Without having tested it:

  • Put all your titles to be mixed in a container.
  • Set the cue in / cue out and fade markers for your best mix.
  • Save this container.

You should see each title marked in the complete waveform of the container.

Would you please try it?

Thank you for your reply and time.
I don’t think this is working for me. I don’t see the wave. Then it is better to use the Track Marker. Do you have some screen shots for me how to place the mix file into an container?

Later on. Please be patient; I will test it and when it works I’ll publish some screenshots.
Is that okay with you?

Of course. No problem. I am always happy with all the help I get.
Enjoy last bit of weekend.

Hey Peter,

it works as I thought - and a bit better than expected.

You can mix your tracks before or (!) after creating a container. The Mix Editor works in the Container as well - and in the waveform you have the information where a track starts. No need for a cue sheet or an additional marker.

Thank you for your reply and taking time to test it for me. :hugs: I think we both learned something from your test. Me, as an beginner working with the software, about containers and you about possibilities from the containers, and you with mixing songs in the container.

But not quite what I meant. I got one mp3 file from 60 or more minutes and I need to give it the tagging. I thought it would be easy when I ‘find’ the mixing points in that mp3 file from 60 minutes and then just click on right with the mouse and fill in the Artist & Title of that song in the mixed mp3 file. Find the next mixing point, right click fill in the Artis & Title of the second song etc. etc.

However thank you again and i hope it will be in the next version of mAirlist.


Ah, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding.

Well, there is not the option about a right-click in the waveform, but when you open the Cue Editor, choose the tab “Others”.
You will find the option to set track markers on your own or to import Cue-Sheets.

No problem of course. I am doing that right now and then I change it to the wave form after the import of the cue sheet. Thanks again for your reply.