Dj mistakes

I don’t know if this option is built in mairlist.
Sometimes I push the wrong button for player start and mairlist mess up the playlist. Its absolutely my fold and not mairlist. But is there an option that if I don’t go by logical order the start player refuses to start.
Like only start if player is in next state and if player is in que state that it dont do anything.

There is an option load on demand but tats only when pressing start.
If you still auto load but after the other player has started you can’t make mistakes like above.

You go trough trough the playlist after a record you do the weather forecast (take a caller whatever ) both players stop (one in next state) after the weather you hit the wrong button (the player after next state) then you mess up the playlist .
And if the player after next is not loaded yet you cant accidentally start it.

Press stop on the wrong playing one and drag it into positon again so it will be cued as was.

I think it’s better to eliminate problems than to solve them.
And starting a song and then stopping it after… Sec?

I experienced this too and solved it with one easy programming by having a special button to play the next item of the playlist. On my D&R Webstation I combined it with the “Automation ON”-command too, so whenever I press button A6 on the Webstation it fades out the actually playing song (if there’s one playing), start the next song in the playlist and setting the Auto mode state ON again.

Button A5 is the same command and fading out all active cartwall players (for beds etc) right before the next song of the list starts…

In the remote settings you can chain multiple commands together by using an ; between the commands so it’s really easy. And the best: If you want to start the item after originally first item you can still do it with this simple solution…

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Specially this one is great, thanks we have a weather talk and afterwards you start the first one in the playlist and I never get it sharp music runs to long but this way there’s a hard cut between filler and music.

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yes, that was my intention too… :sweat_smile: It needs more than two hands to start the next player, fade and stop the cart player otherwise…

Here a D&r Airence and that works different my start button is a on / off button an that opens the Audio channel and starts the track.
If I do it like you my audio channel stays closed.
Made on the start button a second assignment stop cart 16 (weather filler) and the effect is the same a hard cut between the filler and the player.
So thanks again ,

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