DJ Licenses

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Can one of you explan what this is below?

DJ Licenses

Licenses can be put into a special “DJ mode”, where they are purchased by the web radio owner, but then handed out to another person for a particular period of time, after which the license can be assigned to another (or the same) person again. (Note that it’s not possible to reclaim a license before the end of the selected period.)

If you are interested in this kind of license, please get in touch before you buy, so we can provide the necessary details about the process.

Hi Erris,

For a radiostation I use multiple DJ licenses so perhaps I can give u an explenaition:

The licenses are bought and owned by the radiostation. They can be assigned for a specific time to a DJ/ Presenter.
This way the DJ can use the license (for instance at home), but it is always property of the radiostation. After the assigned date, the license is invallid for the dj and the radio station has to re-assign it to the specific dj or someone else.
So when a DJ is only active for a specific time, the radiostation assigns the licence only for that period of time to that person. When the assigned period for that person is over, the radiostation can assign that specific license to someone else.

The costs of these licenses are for the radiostation. And also the license stay property of the radiostation. The DJ can ‘borrow’ the license for a specific time. This way the DJ doesn’t have to invest for the radiostation and the radiosation has a good track of who is using the software.

One important thing in assigning the DJ licenses: When you assign a DJ for a period of time, you have to wait until that period is over before you can re-assign the license to someone else. So if a license is assigned until 31 December, you can’t re-assign it before that date. You are NOT able to undo an assignment before the end date.

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