Display filename if no other audio details available

If you select an audio file which does not have any details recorded either tagged within the mp3 or in a mmd file the audio plays OK but the playlist or cartwall shows as blank.

Whilst it is obvious that all audio should be tagged in some way I think it would be more helpful if in the situation where there is no information available that the filename should at least be displayed.

Hm, this should be working already. If there is no tag, mAirList takes the file name (without extension) as the item title.

How did you add the file to the playlist or cartwall? From one of the browsers? From Explorer? Are you sure that the file does not have any tag at all? Perhaps it does have a tag, but with all fields set blank. You can check that in Winamp.



You are correct. I have tried this with another file which I created and it does indeed display the filename. The file I used previously had spaces in the title field.

At least my thinking was along the same lines as you …