Digital Mixer

Hey all,

For a few weeks I have Lyra from D&R but I can’t install the button and or faderstart in mAirlist. I have a serial usb-converter (RS232) because I use the software on a laptop and I don’t know if I really need an external adlink,contec…-card. 3 others doubts I have:

How do I configure:

  • Lyra ? Global settings > GPO > Continuous - On Pulse - Off Pulse ?

  • The Remote control in mAirlist ?

And which cable goes where in Lyra: GPIO 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 or Digital Out… ?

Here’s the manual of Lyra to check out what I mean,

Thanks in advance,


Just because it is a 9-pin D-SUB connector, it doesn’t mean that it’s a serial RS232 port, or even that the mixer is sending messages in any format that mAirList would understand out of the box.

In this case, the connector is used in a totally different way. You need a device like a modified gamepad or an IOWarrior to make it work with mAirList.

(The manual says that the desk does have an RS232 port, but it is reserved for future use.)

Tnx for the reply Torben, Radiorom told me the same.