Digigram (Bass error 6)


I just got a new sound card, now I’ve got a Digigram Mixart 8 AES/EBU.All my audio files are MP3 and unfortunately when I try to read one I’ve got this message:pre-buffering error/ Unsupported sample format (bass error 6).
Do you know how to fix it? Thank you.

Try turning off BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT in mAirListConfig (either WDM/DirectSound config or ASIO config, depending on the method you use).

I don’t know much about that particular model, but generally, Digigram cards are known to have very poor “standard audio” (WDM, ASIO) support. They work very well with applications specifically designed for them (that is, using their private driver model), but not so good with normal audio applications.


Thank you for your answer. I turned off BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT, now it works, I’ve got sound. But it doesn’t sound very clean, I’ve got some little “digital kicks”.And now in the mAirlistConfig, Playlist 1, Player 1, I choose input “Mixart AES 8 (Wave) (emulated)-BASS_Init(5,44100): can’t find a free sound driver (BASS error…” What do you think about it ?

Well, read what I wrote above: Digigram cards are perfect for applications that are specifically designed for them. But they don’t work well for standard audio applications like mAirList.

Note the word “emulated” - the driver doesn’t even support DirectSound, only the old Windows-95-style WaveOut API.

I’m afraid the card isn’t a good choice for mAirList.

Ok Torben,

I had the opportunity to buy this card very cheap, but it seems not to be the right choice! I need a 4 I/O AES sound card (PCI or PCIe), I was thinking about the Marian Trace D4. Do you think it is a good choice? Do you have an other sound card to suggest?
Thank you again for your disponibility and your kindness.

Marian make VERY nice cards; however, I’ve never used one with mAirList yet, and their English manuals do require a little ‘reading between the lines’ to understand as their translations are a little ‘strange’ in places.

I’m sure Torben will be able to tell you how well they work with mAirList (my guess is: very well!).


Hi Select,
I use a Delta 44 sound card in a pc that has M-airlist on it, and it works just fine. The Deltal 44 has 8 in and 8 out and the cable comes with a d type plug on the end of the cable.
the 8 out are the phone plugs while the 8 in are the phono sockets.
The card comes with software that comes with the card. Hope that fixes your problem. We use these sound cards at Southern Sound Hospital Radio in Glasgow.

Alan Hall.

Hello Alan,

Thank you for your suggestion but actually Delta 44 in an analog I/O sound card, and I’m looking for a Digital AES/EBU one.
I’m still looking for…

Marian Trace cards are very nice indeed. I own a D4, and we have two D4 SRC at eldoradio.

However, you should know that there are no 64-bit drivers. Marian have promised to release them for years, but they never did, and I doubt they ever will. (They eventually shut down their support forum, perhaps so people cannot ask for the drivers anymore…)

The latest Seraph product line (PCIe) finally received 64-bit drivers since a few days (!) ago (how long have these cards been around?), so they might be a good choice. But looking at the Trace driver desaster, I’m not sure if I would recommmend any of their products at the moment.

Why is it important to have a 64 bit driver?

Because 64-bit Windows is now all around, and one day you will want to have one, at least if you want to use more than 3 GB of RAM.