DHD Remote

Hello Guys,

I’am trying to remote mAirlist with my DHD RM 4200 mixer. What are exactly the address number (1,2,3…4095)? I suppose they correspond to a key on the mixer, but how to know wich one?


At a guess, following a quick look on the DHD site, try section 5.5 on page 84 (and following pages) of this manual:

So (again at a guess) you will need the Toolbox 4 software to be both installed on a PC and hooked up to your RM 4200 desk to read the current desk configuration and/or apply any changes.

I should stress that I don’t own, and have never used, a DHD desk. So for further help, you’d need to find someone who has done so. :slight_smile:


Set up the connection in mAirListConfig, then run mAirList, go to the mAirList Control Panel, enter the DHD configuration, and check out the Monitor page. It will show the Logic commands received by the software. This only works from within a running mAirList instance, not from mAirListConfig.

Genrally, the Logic addresses are configurable in the Toolbox somewhere (but don’t ask me where), and several addresses should be set up by default for the various channels and faders.

Great, that works! I can remote all the keys, but I can’t do it with the faders. I am unable to find these addresses. I woud like for example to change the volume of the cartwall.

Uhm, why would you want to change the volume in the software when you’re using a mixing desk?

You’re right Torben, this is not a good example. But do you think it’s possible to record voice-tracks using the mixer faders to change the enveloppe of the players?

It should be possible to add VT support (that is, record fader movements) for DHD mixers, but I will have to extended the protocol accordingly, and also get access to a demo/test unit again.

That would be great. Thank you for informing me the day it works.

For your information:

1…384 12*32 Pushbuttons Start (DeviceID-1)*32+1, size 32 or 64 depending on module size
385…480 GPIs 3 backplanes * 8 slots * 4 GPIs = 96
481…630 fader start related to defined channel
631…780 Fader function related to defined channel
781…930 PFL is switched on related to defined channel
931…1080 150 Logic functions
1081…1280 Global Logics
1281 PFL On
1282…1284 PULSE1…PULSE2 (internal use only)
1285 OFF-AIR
1286 Voice/Music signalisation
1287 PGM1 Logic
1288 Timer Running
1289 Timer Reset
1290…1295 MADI failure indication 3 slots with 2 ports
1296 SOLO
1297…1380 reserved
1381…1400 Logic Delay
1401…1415 Level Detect
1416…1445 Preparation conference related to clean feeds
1446…1475 Talk logic related to clean feeds
1476…1505 Off-Air logic related to clean feeds
1506…1535 Output select logic related to clean feeds
1536…1685 Rotary select
1686…1725 Fader start related to fader
1726…1999 reserved


Hello Torben,

Did you have time to extend the DHD protocol to record fader movements?

I have talked to Mr. Hoffmann recently, and he said that there is a protocol extension now which would facilitate this a lot (because it pushes out the fader levels via IP, no need to poll them anymore) - but I think I still need access to a demo unit for a few days…

Great! But do you mean that protocol extension is included in a new mixer firmware? And when do you think you will be able to test that protocol?

Hello Torben,

Any news of the DHD protocol extension ? When do you think it will be possible to use it ?

No news until I get hold of a DHD console in my office for at least one or two weeks.

How do you plan to get a DHD console ? When do you think you’ll obtain it ?