Deleting tracks from database does not delete file from disk

Hi all,

A while back, I noticed a problem that is annoying me a little bit to this day:

The issue is as follows…
There are some music files, voicetracks etc. that I want to remove from the database and from the hard disk where the files are stored.

Deleting from the database is working without any issue. But, when I click Yes (or Yes to All) when mAirList is asking if I want to delete the files from the disk aswell, the files won’t be removed and I get an error message saying: Error deleting “file.wav”: The operation completed succesfully

Now when I check the folder on Windows, the file is still there.
Anyone who has the same problem or has any idea what the cause can be?

Some additional info:

  • I start the deletion on a remote instance of mAirlist. So the database is hosted on another computer.
  • The file(s) are stored and accessed by mAirlist on a network folder.