Delay problem

Hi All,

After upgrading to 7.3.2 I have a problem with short jingles in a playlist.
The next item does not start on time starts after a second.
If there are 2 longer items in the playlist, then all is well.
After a downgrade to 7.2.6 without changing anything in the settings, it works fine.



I would be interested in the cue points here.
Especially for the jingles. Can you take a screenshot of the jingle’s cue editor to illustrate this and send it in here?

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce this in the latest v7.3.3 yet.

My jingle has a length of 2 seconds and I have set the start-next directly at the beginning.

Hi Ron,

is ist possible for you to update to 7.3.3 (published 2024-03-20) and test again?

Just tried it with 7.3.3 , exact the same problem.
3 normal tracks starts perfect
2 tracks and a jingle and the 3rd track start a second later.
Nothing changed in config, just copy the new zip file over 7.2.6
Back to 7.2.6 and the problem is gone
Could it be the PC its an i5 with ssd 16GB and windows 11 ?


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I don’t think so from my experience…

Are you using one, two or three players for the automation? And how many files are pre-buffered in advance?

Any scripting used, i.e. for logging or metadata?

And when you start the Jingle and song manually, does the next item have the latency too?

Hi Stefan,

I’m using 1 player in the layout and 5files pre buffered
There are some scripts running, but they are in both versions.
I already have disable all logging/metadata/artwork script but behaviour is still the same.

Ive made a video of both versions


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Thx, will take a look tomorrow morning

New video link

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Thank you for your effort! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I’ll forward it to Torben.

If you wouldn’t mind could you be so kind and test it in your 7.3-installation with TWO players used for the automation?

And it would be interesting if this only happening with this special short Jingle or any short jingle…

Hi Stefan,

Just tried with 2 players , same issue.
Tried a longer jingle (4sec), same issue.
All songs without jingles are starting perfectly, even my news is correct.
Changed jingle(tag) to music(tag) same issue.

Tommorow I will change format of my jingles from Wav to MP3.
All my music files are in 320KB-48Khz MP3, Jingles are Wav

Regards ,

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That’s a good information. Thank you for your time to test it!

Changed my jingles to mp3 , no change at all.
Installed 7.33 complete new without any changes in layout/settings/scripts ed.
Tried it with and without souncard.
Create a new database with a few songs and jingles , and the silence is tracing me.
Still no luck at all, don’t no where to look anymore.

Is debuging an option (I need some help with that)


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Hi Stefan,

I’ve tried all versions of marlist 7.0.0 till 7.2.8 no silence detected
The first version with the silence is 7.3.0 ,


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Wow, thank you for this massive effort! Really appreciate it :hugs:

I will forward your observations to Torben!

To catch up on the topic again very easily: I also notice the same problem as described here. However, not always but only in places and somehow at irregular intervals. There I find the problem again that the songs only start after 10 seconds, although the “jingle” before that is only one second long.

Nothing critical, of course, but just an observation from me.

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Can you please save this playlist in “mAirList Export Playlist (.mlpe)” format (into an empty folder - it will place a copy of each audio file into the same folder) and upload the folder as here: Nextcloud

Also possibly a config backup as *.zip (created from the config app → Advanced → Backup/Restore)?

If I’m able to reproduce it with these files, which I hope, then I will be able to use git bisect to find out which change between 7.2 and 7.3 is causing it.


Hi Torben,

Just uploaded the MLPE files, and a copy of my config dir (in running state) so I hope it’s okay.



Thanks, I was able to reproduce it.

It appears that one of your Logging interfaces (the one that upload artwork) is somewhet “slow”, and is blocking further processing of the automated playlist. These two things are now coupled more closely due to the new “not playing” feature in v7.3 logging.

I have moved the processing of all logging into a separate thread now. Please try build 5636 which I just uploaded.