default played/recycle icon

It would be nice to be able to change these (as per subject).

They just don’t quite fit in with custom non-3d layered icons ;o)


You already can. Name the icon “icon_history.png” (it must be in PNG format) and place it into a newly created “images” folder inside your mAirList folder.

You can also replace the other default icons this way:


(just add .png)



Um …

  1. What is the size (in pixels) of the default Playlist icons?

  2. Is there a minimum or maximum height and/or width for Playlist icons?

  3. Are Playlist icons ever resized by mAirList, or are they always displayed at actual size in Playlists?
    (I’m hoping that the answer is ‘always actual size!’ :wink: )

  4. What is the correct colour depth (256, 32k, 24-bit, etc.) for Playlist icon PNG files?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Yes, I am FINALLY looking at V2.1! I think I will have a lot of changes to make in my INI files, based on my quick ‘play’ so far… :frowning:


I make mine 48x48. Seems to be the closest fit to what was already on the screen.

They don’t appear to resize though, at least not when I switch off extended display etc… However I use extended display so it doesn’t worry me.

The colour depth I use is hmmm, 16.7M colours. That’s 24-bit because paint brush which I made them in, doesn’t appear to save anything higher than 24-bit on my machine when I make my own.

I then open them in another programme to set the transparency of the background and save it as a PNG.


By default, mAirList automatically scales the icons so that they fit the row height. In particular, note that the icons have a different size in simple and extended view mode, respectively. You can however force a fixed size with the “IconSize” setting in skin.ini (which refers to the final height of the icons).

The original icons are 64x64, 32bit. mAirList will read any PNG file, so will be able to use different sizes and color depths.

The player buttons will be replaced by PNGs as well (with the ability to customize them), as soon as Hannes provides me some nice images :wink:


Thanks for the info, Torben.

I have switched Playlist icons off for now; they don’t seem to centre properly in their column, even though I have changed the MainColumn setting to move those pesky ‘comment buttons’ to the Artist column.

Incidentally, is there a setting to completely switch off the ‘comment buttons?’ I never have any comments in my MP3s, so even though no buttons are displayed, VirtualTreeview does reserve space for where they would be displayed, if you see what I mean? (That’s why I moved them to the Artist column, as a workaround. :wink: )


Take a look at the config (Playlist -> GUI Options), there’s an option called “Show comment expand/collapse buttons”. This will reduce the “reserved” space to about two pixels. I don’t know how avoid this though.

By the way, thanks for all your useful comments new regarding the playlist GUI. I will not be able to investigate any single issue instantly, but I will take a look at all of them.