Default Layout

When mAirList first loads on a clean install, there’s a default layout there. However, it isn’t stored in layout.ini and I can’t find it anywhere else. Is it possible to get this as a .ini file? I want to tweak some things but the design is otherwise perfect for what I’m doing.


  • Ant

The default layout is implemented by a different mechanism that does not use fixed positions. Basically, I tell Windows the “abstract” layout of the window (players at the bottom, browsers on the right hand side, playlists and cartwall on the left hand side, etc.), and Windows then takes care of the correct dimensions and placement.

Rememeber that the default layout automatically adapts to your configuration: screen resolution, number of players, cartwall on/off, … This wouldn’t be possible with a fixed layout.ini.

Creating a layout.ini file of the default layout should be easy though. Just make a screenshot of your mAirList instance and load in in Paint. Moving around the mouse on the image, Paint will display the current x/y position in the status bar, which you can copy into layout.ini (and then calculate the Height and Width accordingly).


The thing I wanted to adjust was the cartwall position when you have it embedded - by default, it appears to cross over the toolbar:

Well, in principle, the cartwall should adjust its size automatically. However, in your case, it seems that that there is simply too little space for six rows of players.

There is an “automatically stretch” option in the Cartwall Display section in the config dialog. Have you tried that one? The Cartwall should then fit exactly into the space between toolbar and players. However, the internal cartwall elements will overlap unless you choose a smaller number of rows, or adjust the fonts.


Worked a treat. Thanks!

Dear Ant,

Unless you really really need to have them, you can save a lot of vertical space (about 25%!) by not displaying buttons in the Cartwall players, and enabling the Cartwall configuration option to ‘mouse click for START/STOP.’

You can still PFL the Cart players (if you need to?) by clicking PFL mode in the Cartwall’s toolbar. I note in your screenshot that the Cartwall toolbar was ‘chopped off’ as well, so I’m assuming that your Cartwall is now displaying properly? If not, I think that ‘removing’ the Cartwall player buttons would get that back to ‘normal’ as well.


I’ve never needed to PFL cart players, and honestly can’t see why you’d need to, but it’s handy all the same. Sometimes our presenters use it to listen to their fave songs, so I can see it has it’s uses.

The cartwall’s generally a mess in the default layout imho, I think there should be a way to specifiy if you want the auto/assist buttons to be shown when cartwall is on, or at least it’s position, because I’m not sure this looks right:

I think I’m going to have at what Torben suggested earlier, and create a layout.ini the same as the default one, and customise it as needed. It’ll probably be easier!

Not sure how relevant this is to Ant (or Cad), but PFL’ing the CartWall is only really required if you are very strict about your logging files - ie: any CartWall “play” events are logged, and it’d get very crowded if lots of start/stop operations were logged - hence PFL :slight_smile:

Charlie: some of our presenters do like to PFL carts, either to check the ‘mood’ of a jingle, or because they want to check that it’s ‘THAT one’ because they’re unfamiliar with the cart names.


Totally understood, Cad - My main point (although I didn’t really make it clear) was that you can just click “Play” to hear the Cart… Unless you have it running on an already used output, hence the PFL-channel :slight_smile: