Default Folders

Could the Config have the option of setting the mAirList folder (or subfolders) for when you load a Playlist or open a Cartwall file ?

ie: \mAirList\Playlists is opened when you click open playlist
\mAirList\Scripts is opened when you click script in the scheduler


The notion of mAirList using the last used folder for every open/save dialog box is quite annoying ;( One minute I find myself in the playlists folder, then in the audio…

Nice idea.

At the moment, I do not specify a starting folder at all when calling the Open/Save dialog. It is automatically chosen by Windows, obviously on a per-application basis.


Will be included in 1.5.22. Must be configured manually in mAirList.ini. (It’s quite a custom function, and I’m too busy to include that in the config dialog at the moment.)

[DefaultDirectories] AddDirectoryBrowser=G:\ AddDirectoryTreeBrowser=G:\ AddPlaylistBrowser=G:\ OpenPlaylist=C:\projects\mAirList\trunk AppendPlaylist=C:\projects\mAirList\trunk SavePlaylist=C:\projects\mAirList\trunk SchedulerSelectScript=c:\temp SchedulerSelectFile=G:\ SchedulerSelectPlaylist=C:\projects\mAirList\trunk SchedulerLoadList=C:\projects\mAirList\trunk SchedulerSaveList=C:\projects\mAirList\trunk

Anything missing?


Cartwall location ?

Otherwise, looks fine.

Ah, sure. Will be called “CartwallLoad” and “CartwallSave”.


By the way, both the cartwall sets and the event lists will have new file extensions as of 1.5.22: .mlc and .mle (instead of .cart and .events). Then we have similar extensions for all file types:

.mlp: playlist
.mlt: template
.mls: script
.mle: event list
.mlc: cart set


Thanks. This is a very good help