Default Directories Windows 7

Happy New Year Folks.

I have a problem with Default directories used under Windows 7 there seems to be a problem if you load a cart from location say ‘music’ and then you load a playlist from say ‘presets’ then go back to the carts and try and load again it will come up with presets.


Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t remember the directory last used by a particular dialog. It’s only for the entire application.

You can set up specific default directories in the configuration to have each dialog start at a particular (but fixed) place.

Hi Torben

Thanks for the reply.

Just trying to get my head round the problem. So if i set a default directory for the cart wall to ‘music’ and the playlist as ‘presets’ when i start the program this is where they should point? if this is right then it may not be working


What’s in your defaultdirectories.ini file currently?

Hi Torben i have enclosed the ini file for you .


defaultdirectories.ini (402 Bytes)