Default desktop (MLD)

I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but I can’t seem to find it with a Search of the Forum, so here goes …

I’d like to save a Desktop which has all the things we need pre-loaded and pre-set, as an MLD file which mAirList will load immediately, every time the program is started (instead of starting with a ‘blank’ Desktop).

I seem to vaguely remember that this should be named either standard.mld or default.mld—is that correct? Also, in which directory should this ‘default’ MLD file be saved: in the mAirList program’s directory, or somewhere else?

Thanks in advance, and apologies again that I can’t remember this … must be senility starting to set in on me (EEK!) ;).


You save it as STANDARD.MLT.

This is found on the save icon on the toolbar.

You save this file into the main Mairlist folder, The same place where you would save things such as the layout scripts etc.

i use this feature and it is great.

Ah! So it has to be a desktop template (MLT) file, not just a Desktop (MLD) file. Thanks!

I knew there had to be something I was missing!


Torben: I’ve tried saving my desktop as Standard.mlt in the mAirList program directory and it does not load at mAirList startup.

I have checked my Configuration, and I am saving the Browser contents in the MLT file. I cannot see any options which affect whether or not the Browser panes are loaded at startup.

This is version 2.0: what am I doing wrong?!! This is an important issue for me, because I need to have a Browser setup which auto-loads with mAirList for our studio. Thanks in advance.