DBServer / playlist editing


If there is a command in the hour, it’s complaining: Unknown class:FileRecorderStop (for example).
And it’s not calculating airtimes for items either (if there is commands or not).
This was noticed in one of remote DJ laptop running Win10, and mAirlist 6.2.8.
The database application connected to the DBServer.
With direct connection to the db everything works okay.

  • Jani

Hi Jani,

not sure if it will help but would you please update the remote DJ laptop to version 6.3.2 (released today)?
This would help us to make sure it is an actual problem. Torben wants to avoid looking for bugs that may have been fixed in the meantime.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your recommendation!
Yeah, it’s not complaining with this combination - would upgrade to 6.3 rest of the system too.

And what about airtimes, looks like it would be a regional formatting problem.
I changed Windows settings to English(Europe) and now it’s viewing those airtimes too.

  • Jani