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I have mAirlist Professional running at our playout pc. We assumed that we needed a server to let home users and management access mAirlist db.

But it seems the mAirlist DB Server application can serve home and management from our playout pc.

We already bought a server. So is there a possibility to run mAirlist DB Server on a different system than mairlist professional software… Or is it advised to keep everything on one PC?

What’s the ideal, most stable, setup?

As far as I know, you got to run that on the same PC. Both parts are running with the same licence number.

mAirListDB Server is part of your Professional Studio license. You will find it in the Windows start menu under mAirList [version number].

mAirListDB Server must always be active when you grant access to other users via Internet. This is important when you restart the computer (e.g. after a major Windows update); we recommend placing the program in Windows autostart.

When you want to have the mAirList database and automation running on a server, you need another license there (including mAirListDB Server). So your local studio is free for production and must not run 24/7.

What kind of infrastructure you prefer, is your personal decision.
For example, eldoradio* (where mAirList was created) runs all from the studio; the automation is on one fader and other faders are free for pre-production. :wink:


As Uli wrote the DBserver is part of your Professional Studio License, and is a seperate small application. I have it running in my studio at the background and it makes the database accesable by internet connection. This way it is possible to do management to your database or even voicetracking on distance.

Here is a link to the configuration manual of the DBserver installation:
mAirlist DB server setup

In this manual you see how to set up the server and client. After setting up the client, you can acces your database from wherever you are.

At last I do have one advice: Also take a look at the user managment in your database application (this is avalable since v mAirlist version 7). U can find it under Management> Users and Groups.
Here you can assign rules to users and so you can manage every client to have it’s own rights when logging in your database. In version 6 it is also possible, but you can’t do it from the database application.

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Thanks for the explanation.