Db / Multistation / Update advertising


It seems like DB App is using station selected in configuration (database) when updating advertisement?
If you schedule with minischeduler then everything is ok and right settings from a advertisement settings / file import used (So, right list is imported).
But if you update, then wrong list is imported.

When you open the DB app as a separate process, you can switch between stations through the menu, and all commands will operate on the currently selected station.

When opening the DB app from the main playout app (green button in toolbar), it will be locked to the “default” station that the playout is assigned to. (Note: This applies to mAirList 6; in v7 you can also switch between stations when using the DB from the playout window).

What do you mean by “the wrong list”?

Yeah, DB app as a separate opened and the station selected through the menu.
Now, if advertisement “updated” (from playlist / “goto” for example) it will use a traffic file for station selected in database configuration.
For this selected station this file should be 20220510t3.tpi and it will try to open file for the “default” station instead.

Fixed in snapshot 4478. Thanks for reporting.

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