DB app crashing

This happens from time to time while I’m writing the playlist. After this, playlist is lost.

Version: 7.1.7 build 5245

This happened again… when clicked on arrow next to Generate - empty message and crash…

App version 7.1.8. build 5251

If your setup involves Automatic File Containers, please install latest snapshot 5252.

After update - no crashing. Thanks!


@Torben sorry to inform you but DB app just crashed, again - after clicking Generate.
Playlist for specific hour don’t have AFC.
Nothing in log.
Latest version installed -

@Torben the DB app still crashing from time to time when clicked “Generate”. No AFC on playlist.

My DB also crashed some time ago. It was because som characters in some of the song filecards: like this or similar: #¤"^{~
After deleting this in the Attributtes (see pic), the error stopped.

Remember always to check and remove those kind of characters, like in the picture.