Database search engine -> Search for specific attributes

Hi everyone,

Because only one artist is allowed from Version 4.2, I would like to have a new search engine.
I would like to search for specific attributes to search for.
It would make things easier for me!



Do you genuinely mean ‘attributes?’

Can you give us an example of what you would like to be able to search for, and where exactly that information exists in mAirListDB? (By which, I mean:which database field or which panel in mAirListDB.)


Yes I speak of Attributes.

The reason is this:

If you play movie OSTs, you have two informations you could search for:
movie title and composer, respectively singer.

Sometimes you may get listener requests like “Please Play the Main theme from ‘Dirty Dancing’”. At least I know who sings it but mostly, I don’t.
I also don’t want to use a slash or a dash as a separation.

That’s when I use Attributes. I could create an attribute “movie” with a value “movie name” and search for it. That’s my request.



I understand completely.

That is one for Torben. As you probably already know, the current database Search box only looks in the Title and Artist fields.

However … what you can do is open mAirListDB (or click Database from the main mAirList window, or Add/Open a Browser Database pane) and then expand the Attributes tree, under which you would see your Movie attribute; expand that, and you’ll see all the individual Movie attribute values (including, in your case, Dirty Dancing). Then you’ll find the track and you can drag it into the Playlist.

It’s slightly more work than typing into a Search box, but then again you can already do it now! I seem to remember this is one reason why there isn’t a customisable Search in mAirListDB — because most other things (Album, Attribute, etc.) can already be expanded and ‘eyeballl searched,’ much like Windows Explorer.

Does that help?


From b1676 there is an extra option in the DB connection settings, “include attributes in database search”. This will make mAirList look for attribute values (in addition to artist and title) when performing a search

It is turned off by default because it might affect performance in large database.

A more fine-grained search function is planned for a future release.