Database questions

Couple of questions re the database in 4.4 beta:

  1. Once I set cue points, ramps etc is it best to export as an MMD file or to the database?
  2. All my MP3 tracks are tagged title-artist. This is how they show in edit screen and playlists. When I open database / folders in the browser they show artist-title. Is there a way to change this?
  3. Is there an option anywhere to tell id the end of a track fades or ends. I’d like to set playlists so the last track before a news in jingle at 59.44 is an end. I believe if I then set this track to backtime and put an instrumental track before it the inst would be faded if required to allow the backtime to be correct?
    Many thanks for all your help and guidance.

Any Help with these questions gratefully received, somebody must know the answers. Please share your knowledge.

  1. Edit the files from the Database Library window, and simply click OK in the Properties dialog. Data will be saved in the database. No need to use the Export function.

  2. Probably mAirList thought it was “artist - title” (there’s an option for that in the File Import settings). “title - artist” is not supported, and now that everything is imported into the library, the only way to change it is probably SQL:

UPDATE items SET artist=title, title=artist;

(Never tried that.)

  1. I don’t quite understand the question. You want the last song before the news always “cut” end, but never fade?

Thanks Torben,
Just a bit surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a way to browse the database by title. If I browse a folder I get artist-title but the database already has the option to search artists so it seems a duplication?
Sorry if I confused things, what I really needed to know was when importing tracks is there an option anywhere to say if the end of the the track “fades” or “finishes on an end note” Hope that clarifies things!
Thanks very much for all your help!