Database PlayList - Font Colours in skin.ini


We use 24 hour daily PlayLists with various scheduled programs. These programs are headed with fixed time Dummy items to enforce exact times and give a clear indication of the current show.

Beyond the Item Colour settings we’ve used skin.ini to fine tune the appearance of the Dummy items, with different font sizes and colors for the Title, etc. We’re very pleased with how flexible that is. For example, in the [PlayList] section we have :-

// Program Font default colour is White

// But Program Title font is yellow.

We’d like to do the same thing when the daily PlayList schedules are being prepared in the Database application. The skin.ini reference in the Wiki implies there’s only a global “font” setting for all rows in the [DatabasePlayList] section, but we thought we’d try the above code anyway.

Unfortunately it didn’t work at all. All that succeeded were global settings like “FontColor” and “FontSize”. It wasn’t possible to prepend a Selector like “Dummy” or “Title” for specific Item types.

Is there a way around this limitation with the appearance of Database PlayLists?



Hi Greg,

I have moved your proposal to “Feature Requests” in our forum.
Thank you for your comment, questions and ideas.

At this time, it’s not possiible to use skin.ini commands in the database playlist.

When Torben is going to change it in the future, it will happen in mAirList v7.x with it’s Live-Skin-Editor.

Hi Uli,

Thanks for that prompt and thoughtful response.

It answers two questions - skin.ini does not cover the Database PlayList, and, in the short term at least, mAirList V7 is the same.

I’ve had one slightly nutty idea. Our playout configuration already has a fairly pretty PlayList layout, so I’m contemplating an adaption of that for scheduling. We already do some SQL massaging for start / end dates, and noted the PlayList storage in the SQL schema too. Hopefully the SQL Statement capability of mAirList’s script will close the loop and allow us to write a PlayList back to the database.


Greg Segal