Database not connected

Due to reasons I had to disconnect my Synology NAS, which is running the PostgreSQL Database and all my audio files, from the network.

This morning, connected my NAS again but in mAirList error “database not connected”:

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Need to record my radioshow tonight, please help!

mAirList version 6.1.13 Professional Studio

Have you checked the database connection in the mAirList configuratie paneel?

Yes, this gives a similar error code. Is it possible that the host name “” has changed?

Edit : no, it hasn’t changed :thinking:

Is it possible that you use the internal PsotgreSQL of the Synology for your database?
Maybe this could cause an error.

Yes, I am using the internal PostgreSQL of Synology. This has worked like a charm for over 5 years here.

workaround: when I load a saved playlist, the database is suddenly connected but not stable.

@Torben What is the best way to transfer my database to a supported solution?

I have talked to Torben before and he said, PostgreSQL offers no solution for Synology.
You can try MariaDB or mySQL, maybe they offer better solutions for Synology.

Transferring your database e.g. to a local mAirListDB works via cloning the database.
I will send Torben a link to your question but I’m afraid he has started family weekend (Papa Corona :sunglasses:).

Thanks, @UliNobbe. Have a nice weekend.

As @UliNobbe already explained, the PostgreSQL server in DSM is only meant for internal purposes of DSM. And even though some people managed to “open it up” and use it for external software like mAirListDB, this purpose has never been supported officially, and it might just stop to work after some years. Bad luck.

You could use MariaDB instead, there is an official package for DSM.

So this means that we have purchased the wrong NAS. Haven’t we?

Headshaking regards, a happy weekend and stay healthy!


Edit: There is an explanation of how to set up MariaDB with mAirList to be found here. (This is working fine for me but, according to @Torben, will cause issues with a setup incorporating multi user environments.) But as you have managed to get PostgreSQL running already, I assume you might not need this. :o)

I really love my Synology DS213j NAS :heart:. It works like a charm, for storage audio files and the PostgreSLQ database. Years after the installation of PostgreSQL (with help from @Torben ) I read here in the forum that this was not a supported solution. It has always performed smoothly, though. Fair enough.

I have a multi-user set-up, since I have a play out PC with mAirList Professional Studio and I have a production PC with mAirList Management licence, where I import and edit my files. Both PC’s are connected to the (PostgreSQL) Database. Does this mean I cannnot use MariaDB or MySQL?

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In older DSM versions it was fairly easy to “unlock” the internal PostgreSQL server and use it for 3rd party apps like mAirListDB. At that time we even had instructions for it in our wiki.

But Synology locked the PostgreSQL server more and more down, and beginning with DSM 6.x (I think), the old solution was no longer possible, and we took the wiki article down.

If you are a very skilled Linux admin/hacker, I think you could still do it - but we really can’t provide any help here.

MySQL/MariaDB will be a good replacement for you.

Is it possible to clone my PostgreSQL Database and import these into a new created local DB? The audio files (storage) will remain onto the Synology NAS.

I realize in this case I can’t edit my files using my Production PC.

@UliNobbe Dear Uli, can you please answer this question, in general (I realize I am coming from an unsupported set up, but that’s just what I want to solve):

Is it possible to export my PostgreSQL database and import this in a local database?

Sorry, Adriaan.

Yes. it’s possible. Simply clone it.

OK, here’s the situation. I cannot connect to the PostgreSQL Database anymore, so cloning is no longer possible :cry:

I installed mAirList 6.3 beta Trial (professional Studio, same as my licence). I did not import the settings of mAirList 6.1 yet, since my old databse settings are still in there. I installed a LocalDB for mAirList 6.3. Now I want to copy all my settings of mAirList 6.1 to mAirList 6.3, except for the database settings.


Hm, without having tested it:
Do you know how mAirList saves its configurations?

Maybe you can transfer the content of the config-folder except the database.ini.

Not sure if this will work.

Thanks @UliNobbe. The solution was even more simple: in mAirList 6.1 I deleted database.ini, created a new LocalDB and imported the data. Back on-air!

Great - that’s the other way round.
I tried to figure out something without deleting, but that’s okay.