Database messed up?

I have added about 500+ songs into my database.
But I see something strange.
Under ATTRIBUTES there is an empy folder with a SUB folder with the name of a Dutch band “Chef’ Special”.
In this folder all my songs appear to be listed?

Looking at a file like A Balladeer - Incompatible" there is nothing the refers to Chef’ Special? How can I get rid of this empty folder → sub folder?

Hi @dennus,

is there any entry for the attribute in your example

when you double click and take a look at the file settings like these


If not - did you set up any of these attributes in the configuration of the DB App?

No there is no Chef’ Special in my attributes or a blank space.

Schermafbeelding 2024-05-18 012127

I think I fixed it!
After deleting all Chef’ Special songs from the database and folder it resolved by itself

Schermafbeelding 2024-05-18 012623

…and if you re-import them, are the attributes back?

Tbh it would be better to look for the reasons instead of just deleting files. You should be able to import every file you want to.

I totaly agree on finding the cause. I imported them back in and added the attributes one by one. I was not able to recreate the problem.
So far so good. Fingers crossed. Thanks for you help!

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