database, how to protect or can you overwite it while playing


I have a few questions for you all.

How do you protect the database from messing around (unwanted, by accident, …)?
Is there a way to block on the onair module that dj’s move stuff, delete stuff?
And to what extend can this been done (for example: level 0 ‘do not touch’, level 1 ’ you can have some acces’, level2 ‘you may add songs, cue’, level 3 ‘I’m the boss I can do all’)?

Second question (in case that the first one can’t been done).
If I run a licenced version of the mairlist software at home, can I copie my database file to the folder in the studio without the need to restart the software?
So that I use the version @ my place like a clean master copie and once a week copie that database to the onair server (slave copie) in the studio?
This would limit the damage to the local database to a 1 week mess.

Thanks for the answers (and yes I know, adults should know not to mess around and be good boys and girls, should …) :wink:


Nobody that can answer this?

The local mAirListDB does not have any user roles or security, only the one running on PostgreSQL/MSSQL has.

To swap the mldb file without restart, disable/disconnect the database first (in mAirList Control Panel, or open Database browser, right click the database and select “Disconnect”), then copy over the new database file, then reconnect/enable again.

Can this been done by script?

Disable database connection:


Re-enable database connection:


and while asking a lot … something that moves the database for the update folder to the actual folder?

Thanks Torben.

Okay (this will be a bad day) but I don’t see it.
Tried to do it manually in version 5.1.2 build 2774 but did not see it.
I suppose that I do not need to do delete on the database …

  CopyFile('C:\newdatabase.mldb', 'C:\olddatabase.mldb', true); // true = overwrite target file

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