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I use a mairlist home version and before I had the music and database (file) on a ext hard disk and a dongle. My dongle is broken and I wondere if there is another way to achieve my goal. The studio is on the atic next to it sleeps my son so its unwanted to stay there in the evening. Before I placed the dongle and the ext hard disk in my laptop so I could place ramps in the database. Last year I bought a nas and now the music files are there. But the database file is on the atic computer because I was told thate You can not use the local database through the internet. Is there a way to share te database file between the atic (mairlist) pc and the laptop. Can I do this with a usb memory stick an place the database there?
My ideal solution would be complete via the nas but therefor You need the prof edition.
Last year there was a topic from Tondose, setting up mAiListDB With MySQL On a Nas, but therefor You need the db server in the prof edition.
Can I buy the module db server for the home version ?

Greet Henk

Hi Henk,

official answer will follow when we are back in the office on monday; Torben a bit later.

Standard answer:
You know that we offer the 75% discount for home users on other editions of mAirList (Advanced / Professional) as well.
We also offer a so called “crossgrade” to a higher edition by respecting the money you have paid for the Home Studio. You only have to pay the difference (regarding your local VAT).

The Professional Edition of mAirList for a home user costs 250 Euro plus (!) VAT.


Thanks Uli

It is certainly not the intention to upgrade to prof edition only for the ramps. Some guy’s in the dutch mairlist Facebook Group told You can buy module’s in home. The solution with a usb stick Will that work? Place the local database on a usb stick. Usb stick in the mairlist pc make radio, usb stick in the laptop work on ramps?

Greet Henk

Facebook groups are no mAirList support channel.
We will not comment on any rumours or thoughts from that - private - source.

From a more distant point of view:

  • No, mAirList is not being marketed in a modular way – no matter what people are talking about.

  • Your USB stick/flashdrive solution sounds clever. Why don’t you just try it out? (After backing up your system reasonably, of course!)

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@henk, can‘t you just continue using the local, filebased database and regularly do a backup copy to the NAS?

If you really want to roam around over different computers, than you need the Network based Database and this is a pro feature.

Hi tondose

It also works if I place the file on the nas, but I read in several treads on this forum that You don’t place database file’s on a network share. Because You can break the file.
Thats why I asked in the first place.
Last year my ext hard disk and my dongle died and I bought a nas.
The first 2 a 3 monds the file was place on the nas because I had to start over and never a problem. But now over 1500 ramps I place de database base file in mairlist. I don’t wane risk corupting the file.

What you read about, putting the Database file on a Network share, is correct. Due to the latency every network introduces, the file can get corrupt and it gets even worse if it happens that 2 instances of mAirlist would access this file at the same time.

The local database is made to be used on the local hard drive only. Even USB drives are known to be problematic, as you discovered already.

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Sunday morning I do my thing on the mairlist pc. After the show I copy the database file lnto the nas.
And if I want to work on the database I copy the file to the laptop and when I am done copy it back.

An other Thought is keep the older one in the laptop en after a ramp is set export MMD file to the nas storage. But how do I import the MMD file’s in the mairlist pc? Does the pc automatisch read the file’s?
Must I select the artist and clic re read mmd file?

MMD files, same as the files ID3 tag, only will be read, if there is no data for the same file, in the database.
Or if you trigger to read those manually for each file/ playlist entry.

So if I make intro’s from records that not already have a intro. Mairlist Will read them Automatically if a mmd file is in the storage?

If there is no entry in the Database, for this file, it will read ID3 tag first, than MMD file and last fallback is the database.

There is an entry, say I place a ramp from evrything from ABBA and store the mmd in the storage. (with the laptop) go upstairs start the mairlist pc select evrything from ABBA and clic re read mmd then all the ramps from ABBA Will be filed. And if I do nothing, nothing happens.

Did a test and this works for me.
Make some intro’s went upstairs mass edit re read mmd and the New intro’s where there.
If I buy New records I do it right away upstairs but this is only for the records that still need to be done.
Thanks for your help sorty.xs and tondose