Database: colors categories

Minor issue;

After migrating DB: when I open the database, all songs in all categories are background white. The assinged colors are gone. When I drag them in the play out main window, colors are there again.

Have this issue again, not sure how I solved it back then. Anyone?

That was five years ago. Are you still using mAirList v5.x?

What exactly do you mean by writing “After migrating DB”?

Nowadays I am using mAirList 6.1.13 build 3978, but this will make no diference. The solution was available in mAirList 5.x (and later).

I am convinced a box had to be ticked, but I don’t seem to remember which box in which module.

Edit: nevermind! I found it: Database app > View > Item Colors > Full Row :blush: