Database cleanup

H Torben,

I’ve got some questions.
The first time i’ve used mairlist, i didn’t create different storages. Only one.
Now, i would like to know if it’s possible to move files to other storage locations i’ve created (like Music, VT…) and, by the way, update path links of each element in the database.
I know it’s a little bit scrappy…


What if you just move all of the files you want to move directly and the new storage and then press the “sync” button ?
It will delete items from old storage and add items that were moved. This way you’ll lose the folders/subfolders organization of those items.
Maybe there’s a better way, don’t know.

It could. I will do a test.
Because all files are already arrange in virtual folders in database and I don’t want to loose attributes, playlist log, etc…

Great ! It seems to work with the fix renamed files option !
Thanks a lot !

Fix renamed files will work when renaming/moving (into subfolders) files while keeping them in the same storage subfolders.

For splitting a storage into multiple storages, SQL hacking would be required.

Thanks, that’s my need.
My new folders are subfolders. The solution of Pops seems to work perfectly.
But I will take my time to do it properly.

Torben, i’ve got another question. My database file is now at 2Go (mldb). Maybe it’s pretty big ? Sometimes, Database software is freezing.
This morning, i’ve deleted old playlist before 120 days. But the size is still the same.
Is it normal ? Is there a way to reduce the database file ?

Use the defragmentation/VACUUM button in the database connection settings (maintenance tab) in the config app.

Sorry but the french translation is not always good enough.
Is it there (see below) ?
“Remise à zéro” in french means “Reset all”, or “Factory reset”


Yes, it is.

Looks like the French translation needs an update.

If you want some help with this, maybe i can

Finally, it doesn’t work like I want.
The Pops solution is good, but “fix renamed files” works only one file per one file
So it will be pretty long…

Finally, it hasn’t been so long. and I’ve cleaned up my local folders during the weekend.

Everything is ok with the database. all files have now the godd path file.

I’m only facing a problem. All my playlists have been updated with the correct path folder. But not all the cartwall pages.
Cartridge hasn’t been update with the correct path folder. Why cartwall isn’t really linked with the database ?
FIY : i’m building all my cartwall using Database and doing a drag and drop for each cartridge.