Database app goes to background

Hi there,

I am using Mairlist for a few years now and like many of you I am very happy with the software.
Mairlist is running on 2 screens at my studio. I have stretched the software to complete fit both screens.

When I want to go voicetracking in a playlist wich is in the future, I open the database app by pressing database in Mairlist and go to the specific playlist. When pressing VT, the database window dissapears to the background while the voicetrack window pops up.
When minimalize the mairlist software,also the voicetrack popup disapears wich means that the voicetrack pop up isn’t part of the database app, but it’s part of mairlist app.

Even when I bring database back to the front, as soon as I hit any button on the vt window, the database app disapears again.

Is there a way to keep the database app ‘always on top’, or perhaps would it be a handy setting for the database app?

It’s a well known Delphi bug that happens when you have mulitple main windows, and I haven’t managed to work around it despite trying all the tips I found…